Attach your own hyperlinks to the Web

Hylinker is a browser extension that helps you annotate webpages and connect them with bi-directional links. Support Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox.

Free to use. No registration required.

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Annotate web pages with bidirectional links

Annotate text, images & videos and Connect them with bi-directional, one-to-many links. Hylinker combines annotation with hyperlink to help you build your own web.

See how to use Hylinker.

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Manage annotations & Take notes like Twitter

You can manage annotations with a Twitter-like interface, and take notes like posting tweets.

To open this interface, click "Hylinker" in a new tab or right-click "Hylinker" and choose "Options".

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Integrate with Note Apps (OneNote, Notion)

In addition to syncing annotations to Note Apps, you can retrieve notes from Note Apps and connect to them.

Don't worry, the data from Note Apps is only saved on your own device and will not pass through our server. Learn More

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More features


All features except sync service are free to use and available without signing in.

Global search

Search keywords in the annotation libary, even offline.

Local storage

Your data will be stored only on your devices unless you use our sync service.

Cloud synchronization

Synchronize data in real time across devices.

Export data

Export and save data into a local file.In development

Share & Collaborate

Share annotations and collaborate with friends.In development

Build a web as you think